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IJRASB (Subjects & Topics)

International Journal for Research in Applied Sciences and Biotechnology (IJRASB) cover topics of all applied sciences and biotechnology branches. Some of them are all Human Biology, Cell Biology and Biological Systems, Chemistry, Structural Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry, Plant Science, Animal Science, Microbiology, Protein Science, Molecular Genetics, Metabolism, Immunology, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Microbiology, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Food Microbiology, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Botany, Micro-Biology, Zoology, Food Technology, Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences and all interdisciplinary streams of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology. The main topic includes but not limited to:

  1. Marine Biotechnology in the Food Domain
  2. Pulsed Electric Fields in Biotechnology
  3. Advances on Polymer Biotechnology
  4. DNA polymerases in Biotechnology
  5. Forest Genomics and Biotechnology
  6. Enzymes in Industrial Biotechnology
  7. Recent Advances of Epigenetics in Crop Biotechnology
  8. Microalgae Biology and Biotechnology
  9. Novel Insights into Algal Biology and Biotechnology
  10. Biotechnology to Assure Quality and Safety of Seafood
  11. Cellular Agriculture: Biotechnology for Sustainable Food
  12. Marine Biotechnology, Revealing an Ocean of Opportunities
  13. Micro biotechnology Tools for Wastewater Cleanup and Organic Solids Reduction
  14. Petroleum Microbial Biotechnology: Challenges and Prospects
  15. Applications of Nanobiotechnology in Pharmacology
  16. Human society development in connection with animal husbandry.
  17. Hydroponics – future of agriculture.
  18. Architecture as the mirror of changes society undergoes.
  19. The evolution of pedagogical science throughout the ages.
  20. Aquaculture vs. fishing – do we undergo the same evolution as in the case of hunt and animal husbandry?
  21. Phinneas Gage as an example of personality change due to physical trauma.
  22. The treatment of drug addiction in different periods of time.
  23. Carl von Clausewitz as the founding father of war theory.
  24. Influence of the latest developments in science on the military strategy and tactics.
  25. Basic strategies of entering a foreign and culturally different market.
  26. Influence of personal relationships on the management’s efficiency.
  27. The history of cases when lobotomy was used in medical treatment.
  28. The history of veterinary medicine in Great Britain.
  29. Great delusions medical science suffered from throughout history.
  30. Gerardus Mercator and the history of his projection.
  31. William Horatio Bates and his impact on Ophthalmology.
  32. The perspectives of extraterrestrial engineering.
  33. Medieval military engineering in the West and in the East.
  34. Battle of Little Bighorn as the last victory of the Indians over the Whites.
  35. Influence of psychological science on marketing principles.

 international conference of biotechnology International conference of Applied science International conference of Engineering and Management International conference of Management International conference of Engineering


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