Aga Annotated Model Grant Agreement H2020

All beneficiaries must jointly contribute to the smooth and successful implementation of the grant (i.e. contribute to the successful implementation of the action, fulfil their own obligations under the GM and support the coordinator in his commitments). If a beneficiary (tenant) uses the values of the rental or leasing contracts of a research infrastructure for the calculation of the threshold of EUR 20 million (see below) and therefore indicates the costs of that infrastructure, those costs cannot be taken into account or reported by any other beneficiary under another Horizon 2020 grant (in particular not by the owner of the research infrastructure). • determined in accordance with national legislation, collective agreements or the employment contract (conditions and amount or percentage) and compulsory at the reduced maximum amount of the subsidy determined in step 4: 2 940 000 â Compulsory supplement to the basic wage resulting from national legislation, collective agreement or employment contract Reject costs: The Commission/Agency shall deduct the rejected amount from the total eligible costs, which the beneficiary has indicated in the final summary financial statement (see Article 42(3)). The modified final amount of the grant shall be calculated by applying the reimbursement rate to the revised eligible costs of the beneficiary concerned. For revenue: 60 ï the amount of the subsidy is reduced to 40. If the revised final amount of the grant for the recipient is less than its share of the final grant amount, recovery is made (see Article 44.1.3). Full-time researchers hired by Research Centre Z have an employment contract that stipulates that they must work eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. National legislation provides for 22 working days of annual leave plus eight days of public holidays. The current collective agreement adds three additional days of annual leave. `Operating grants` means grants (usually annual) awarded under a separate grant agreement to finance the operational and operational costs of an entity, e.B. comm-C2/01-2013 under the Europe for Citizens programme.

The number of individual annual productive hours is calculated according to the formula provided for in the grant agreement The amount of the subsidy after stages 1 and 2 is the lower of the two amounts. Step 3 – Reduction due to the no-profit rule The maximum amount of the subsidy can NEVER be increased – even if the eligible costs of the measure are higher than expected However, the maximum amount of the subsidy (see Article 5.1) can NEVER be increased. `Annual working` means the period during which staff must work and be at the disposal of the employer and carry out their activity or tasks within the framework of the employment contract, the applicable collective agreement or national working time regulations. Whether the fiscal year differs from the fiscal year (i.e., the 12-month period used to calculate income tax), the entity may use the fiscal year instead of the fiscal year for the purpose of calculating the hourly rate of personnel expenses. However, the method must be applied consistently and CANNOT be changed within the same grant. More information on the actions of the RIA, IA and CSA can be found in the online handbook and in the H2020 grant factsheets on the Participant Portal. • the variable supplement is authorised under national law, collective agreement or employment contract/equivalent right of appointment The grant may only reimburse eligible costs (i.e. costs in accordance with the general and specific conditions of this Article) (reimbursement of the grant for eligible costs). The final revised grant amount for Beneficiary A is 150,000 (the lowest amount between 150,000 (amount resulting from the rejection of ineligible costs) and 160,000/177,500 (amounts after the reduction of the grant in the 2 examples above).

The total number of hours reported in EU and Euratom grants to an SME owner for a year (i.e. an exercise) must NOT exceed the standard number of annual productive hours used to calculate the hourly rate (i.e. 1 720 hours). {Annual working time of the person (in accordance with the employment contract, the applicable collective agreement or national legislation) â Reduce the maximum amount of the subsidy set out in Article 5.1 in proportion to the poor performance or the gravity of the infringement (see Article 43) Example: Grant agreement signed by the coordinator on 30.12.2014. Signed by the Commission on 5.1.2015. The start of the action should normally be 1.2.2015, but the consortium has requested in its proposal (submitted by the consortium on 15.5.2014) a fixed start date of 1.9.2014, as the funded action is a continuation of an earlier FP7 project. After weighing the reasons, this fixed start date is approved. – in the event of a reduction in the subsidy, by calculating the beneficiary`s share of the reduced grant amount in proportion to its poor performance of the appeal or the seriousness of its non-compliance (see Article 43(2)). The lessons learned from Horizon 2020 lead us to a Horizon Europe focused on promoting participation by simplifying and optimising the overall administrative burden. Like Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe projects will be preceded by the start of the project throughout the preparation phase of the grant agreement. Our hosting team has successfully guided dozens of cooperation projects in their funding preparations, starting with FP7 and throughout 2020. We welcome the changes and improvements to the new Horizon Europe MGA and are well prepared to support you in the preparatory phase of your many successful Horizon Europe grants through the grant agreement.

The maximum grant amount is not the “final grant amount” and is not a “prize” due to recipients. The total rental/leasing costs amount to EUR 100 000 per year, broken down (in accordance with the rental/leasing contract) as follows: Maximum grant amount: 500 000 There are three beneficiaries A, B and C Reimbursement rate: 100 % f) [OPTION for specific unit costs (unit costs foreseen in the Commission Decision and applicable to the grant): for [insert name of specific cost category(14)]: based on the amount(s) per unit set out in Annex 215 (unit cost).] As regards the reduction of the subsidy: the Commission/Agency: it must conclude a written `cooperation agreement` on the coordination of supplementary grants and the work of the action (see Article 41(4)). .